IntelliFarms brings technology-based solutions to points across farming operations to generate value, grow margins, & bring additional profit. Tools aid in seed selection, irrigation & field management, protecting & storing harvested grains, & their marketing.
PRM Energy Systems

PRM Energy, since 1982, is supplying Biomass Gasification Technology to governments, industrial clients and independent power producers worldwide. The PRME reactor/gasifier fired with biomass fuels reduces greenhouse gas inventory. Energy is produced with no net gain of CO2 for gasification of waste water treatment sludge, processed municipal solid waste (RDF), agricultural residues, paper mill sludge while producing steam to generate electricity for use or sale & for industrial process steam, gas for I/C Engine/gensets & for co-firing of utility boilers, heat for direct firing of thermal oxidizers resulting in lower waste disposal cost.
Whittle Investments LTD

WHITTLE INVESTMENTS LIMITED Whittle  Investment  Limited  (WIL)  is  a  Kenyan  based  project  development,  engineering  and  management company formed in July 2014. WIL has majority Kenyan shareholding and it is managed and staffed by locals  and other nationals qualified in a wide range of disciplines. WIL actively pursues a wide range of multi‐discipline  infrastructure projects and will use its extensive in‐house expertise ‐ technical, financial and administrative –and its relations with local and foreign firms to guarantee projects are funded and completed on time and budget.  
WIL has excellent and well established access to major consulting and construction firms in Australia, Canada,  United States of America, China, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, India and Malaysia.  WIL provides multidisciplinary expertise in:  • Generation projects ‐ hydro, gas, wind and solar generation  • Transmission projects ‐ all associated power transfer to consumers on and off‐grid  • Civil infrastructure projects – water supply and highways  • Environmental projects – ESIA and RAP associated with infrastructure projects  • Advisory projects – manufacturing facility planning and establishment.  

WIL’s Managing Director  is  Peter Martin,  who  is  a  professional  electrical engineer  with more  than  40  years  specialist experience in project management, design and investigation of a wide range of major infrastructure  projects, including hydroelectric power developments, high voltage transmission and substations, water supply  and toll roads. For the last 20 years, he has been involved with private sector development of such projects,  advising  banks  and  investors  on  technical  and  risk  factors.  His  focus  is  on  conceptual  and  detailed  design,  specifications and cost inputs to pre‐feasibility and full feasibility design reports, project management, contract  administration and construction supervision.  For further information see
Dr Ed Kopel

Dr Ed Kopel is an expert in the development and management of large dairy projects aiming to optimize available resources while creating a reliable, efficient and profitable dairy which is capable of world class results.  He is a leader in the development of new dairy projects and redevelopment of existing dairy and cropping operations in 26 countries spanning 6 continents.

His operations experience includes development and oversight of:

  • dairy, cropping and industrial production operations
  • animal health and anlytical chemistry laboratories
  • quality assurance for supply chains
  • production cycles and finished product quality
  • management data services and proprietary software development
  • physical plant expansion
  • maintenance operations and inovation/upgrades
  • biosecurity risk management 
  • cooperative and propretary research.

Dr Kopel set up Almarai Dairy, a leading producer and exporter of milk, with 93000 cows in the Arabian desert in Saudia Arabia. 

Layne Christensen Company

Layne Christensen Company has been drilling deep to bring vital natural resources to the surface using most advanced technologies to locate and produce water, minerals and energy. Layne offers drilling & hydrogeology services for the water supply, environmental, mining, & geotechnical construction, sewer rehabilitation, water treatment technologies and management services for industrial water and wastewater, and innovative technology for the recovery of stuck tubulars.

We provide complete water well design and construction services for municipal, irrigation, industrial, and commercial water supply applications such as: Exploratory test borings, Monitoring wells, Test wells, Production wells, Well siting, Wellhead protection plan development, Hydrogeological studies, Aquifer studies, Pumping tests, Permitting, Well abandonment

Pneu-Logic is the industry leader in energy efficient compressor management systems and control technology. As the only company worldwide with patented technology specific to gas flow, our systems interact with all technologies and every manufacturer to realize lower energy costs, improved reliability and efficiency, and a reduction in carbon emissions. Pneu-Logic’s customers have reduced total compressor energy costs by as much as 40%.
National Recovery Technologies

National Recovery Technologies (NRT) is a world leader in plastic bottle and flake sorting technology, with the world's largest installed capacity in PET plastic reclamation plants, providing cutting edge sorting solutions to the materials recycling industry.  Founded in 1981 as a developer, manufacturer and supplier of high performance systems in the field of rugged, on-line industrial inspection focusing on the highest levels of accuracy, NRT sets the standard for high reliability, on-line inspection and sorting technologies applicable to municipalities focused on recyling to meet today's environmental needs.
Water Initiative

The Water Initiative ("TWI") is a healthy water solutions company serving consumer needs everywhere.

TWI’s WaterCura® point-of-drinking (“POD”) solutions remove virtually all water contaminants including excess arsenic, fluoride, pathogens (bacteria and cysts), organic compounds and pharmaceuticals. Together, these contaminants cause water-related illnesses, cancer and diabetes, resulting in millions of deaths per year.

Nanohygienics provides safe, environmentally sound, cleaning and remediation products with technology that enhances and maximizes natural biochemical activity for accidental gas and oil spills in pipeline breaks, petrol & diesel filling stations, transport and rail.  We provide proper control of harmful seepage of dangerous chemicals into the ground and water system with flammability issues, and Fat – Oil – Grease (FOG) effluent discharged from restaurants, hospitality industry and food processing facilities.
Don Hardin Group

Don Hardin Group installed a state of the art solution in providing real-time media and general information to the ridership on more than 90 Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) commuter railcars with multimedia systems in 2009.  These installations included low-voltage wiring, monitor screens, and various other system components.  DHG also provides a Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure package along with a vendor-supplied solution for CCTV and multimedia video advertising applications for commuter transit vehicles and rail stations and large scale commercial real estate proprietors.  Established in 2001, Don Hardin Group is a construction consulting and project management firm, which specializes in Owner’s agent services.

Comptronics is a trusted provider of IT systems integration with diverse turn-key solutions since 1997. An expanding area of focus is to provide both mobile and fixed imaging and security systems which scan the contents of vehicles and containers entering secure locations like ports and government buildings. These scanners have also been paired with RFID systems to help track products, vehicles, and personnel moving in and out of security zones. Comptronics also design, supply, install and maintain local area networks, equipment and software.